Good sleep hygiene is a significant part of good health, according to Jennifer Rose Molano, MD, a neurologist and sleep medicine practitioner with UC Health and the UC Memory Disorders Center. A study by Anne-Marie Chang and co-workers published in December found that, compared to reading a paper publication before bed, reading from an iPad raises sleep latency, decreases REM sleep, and enhances feelings of sleepiness during the day, even when both groups sleep precisely the same duration the night time before. The Underwoods are public figures that are active, and comprising vigorous exercise in their hectic schedules will be commended – but not in the expense of their sleep.

The surroundings should even be conductive for sleeping, and this means keeping the lights dim and maintaining an ambient temperature throughout the night time. Additionally it is wise to open the bedroom window for an amount of time through the day. In case you are not able to fall asleep after being for more than 20 minutes in bed, get up and go into another room. But if you haven’t put much thought into sleep hygiene before, you may find it astonishingly successful. Sleep hygiene isn’t about your personal hygiene or cleanliness – although having clean bedding and a clean body does also help of course. Yes, it Is very important to correct the temperature of your bedroom before sleeping.

But in case you wish to improve your sleep hygiene, do not take a page from their book. Jordan is the Editor in Chief of ScienceSeeker and Associate Editor of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance She Is also working toward her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Penn State studying slumber in teenagers. Slumber hygieneA encompasses a number of different practices which are essential to get full daytime alertness and normal, restorative sleep.

In the 24/7 world where our time is in high demand, of today many individuals believe that their slumber comes second to social demands. With our professional, social, academic, and family lives requiring so much of our time, it is no surprise that so many people experience sleep deprivation. But while getting enough hours of sleep is very important, getting quality sleep is more significant.

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