Good Sleep Hygiene is organic slumber therapy which uses natural methods to achieve better quality sleep. Following a diagnosis of sleep apnea is made with all the sleep study called Diagnostic polysomnography andif validated patient needs instruction about the CPAP or BIPAP machine, the life style change, weight loss in most patients is needed as they may be overweight, and some may need oxygen if they’re hypoxic or have low amount of oxygen at night.

Some may have challenge using the CPAP or BIPAP initially but one needs to psychologically work on and get use to the equipment and start using it often as it will help to improve sleep and underlying fatigue with routine usage of the device. It is like one with diabetes to get use to use of the insulin if one needs to put it to use although this is not the same life style change. Additionally it is a change for a bed partner as he/she also needs to get use to the sleeping habit and the CPAP or BIPAP use.

To be sure life will send its curves at times making a full night sleep hopeless but we usually do not need to let it be that way night after night. By incorporating strategies we could give our bodies the gift of great restorative slumber to promote healing for living life to the fullest boundless by continual pain and stress, and reenergizing. Once on paper, have the capacity to identify regions preventing you sleeping and you will start to form a picture of the problem. It’s not highly unlikely that an upsurge in anxiety or pressure and in your lives would be the reasons why you happen to be left wondering how to go to sleep at nighttime.

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